Barnyard Haiku (from about 13 Years Ago)

I’m the beach this week, so no pics of the chicks or anything like that.  I’ve entrusted my 17 Rowdy Boys and the 3 LIttle Hens, plus all of the Reds to DH and my dad, took the kids to Virginia to hit the beaches and visit friends.  I’m hoping nothing dramatic happens while I’m gone.  The Reds have been testing boundaries and finding ways to sneak behind me in the other side of the coop, and the big boys don’t like it much.  They’ve gone after the Reds, pecking and screeching.  No real injuries, no real injuries thank goodness, and other than being momentarily upset, the Reds seem to have taken these little setbacks to their plan for total world domination to be… setbacks.  It’s not like they’re only half the size of the Golds, right?

Oh wait, it is exactly like that! Too bad they don’t realize it.  They think they’re BIG TOUGH little birds.

So, hopefully, Dad and DH can keep them all in their places til I get home, and we see where things stand then.

In the meantime, here is some amateur haiku poetry I wrote, maybe 13 years ago, with a barnyard theme.

“Barnyard Noise”

A cow, chicken, pig
Moo-moo, cluck cluck, oink oink oink
Noisy animals


Circular boxes
Life resides inside your shells
perfect, round and white.

“Love in a Barn”

Beneath golden straw
a tiny giggle echoes
as lovers embrace

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