My ‘Littles’ are Not So Little Anymore

Rhode Island Red chicks, age 4 Weeks.
Rhode Island Red chicks, age 4 Weeks.

Rhode Island Red chicks, age 4 Weeks.

My ‘Littles’ (as I’ve been calling the Rhode Island Red chicks) are not so little anymore.

As you can see, they are losing their baby down.

They love to jump and fly and right now, it’s a challenge to feed them or clean out the brooder.  They jump out and sit on the edge of the box, watching me work.  A couple of them have jumped down and run around the barn.

It’s time to get them out of the box and into a bigger coop.

The trouble with that is we don’t have an empty coop, just the one that my Golds are in right now.  And they are a little over 2x the size of the chicks.

DH’s plan (since he can’t build a coop in so short a time) is to split our coop in two separate sections with chicken wire and put the Reds into their own half.  It’s not ideal, but the two flocks will be able to see each other and, hopefully, get used to each other.  We’ll keep them separate for a couple of weeks, or until the Reds show signs of getting bigger, then make an attempt at integrating them, sans chicken wire.

Bud (our special needs chick) is no longer ‘Bud.’  That is to say, I cannot tell which chick he is.  He  no longer holds his neck at that little tilt, no longer runs in circles, and he doesn’t respond when I talk to him (any more than the others do, I mean.)  He’s just… one of the guys now.  And I’m glad of that, because that’s exactly what he needed to be.

If you’re interested, I posted a photo dump yesterday, with some of the highlights of the last two weeks with my chickens.


4 thoughts on “My ‘Littles’ are Not So Little Anymore

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad it turned out this way! I know it’s a likely occurrence to lose a chick now and then. Small animals die. But I am so glad Bud did not. Even if I can’t tell who he is now. *g*

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