Exploring Our World

“Go.  Explore your world.”

That’s something I told each of my children when they were little, first learning to crawl, then walk, then run.  Go and explore the big, wide world around you and make it your own.

I said the same thing to the two cats we adopted from the SPCA four years ago, when we brought them home for the first time and let them out of the carriers.  Explore your new home.  Find a place to call yours.

Now I’ve got chickens, and soon, they’ll be ready to leave the heat lamps behind and go out into the world.  To feel the sunlight on their backs and the wind in their feathers.  To chase bugs and pick dandelions from the green grass.

I’ve honestly been letting them explore a little all ready, in a supervised setting, although the reaction has been mixed.  I’ve taken a few of them out (one at a time) and sat with them in the grass.  My shy little hens, and one of the smaller roos have all freaked out.  The great outdoors (aka our barnyard) is NOT for them, no ma’am, thankyouverymuch, and please take us home now.  Little Rebekah ran right up into my arms and laid her head on my chest like she was giving me a hug and holding on for dear life.  Abigail FLEW into my arms, because running wasn’t fast enough.  The poor dears.

Some of the boys really liked it, though, and walked around, pecking at the grass and looking around.


I have also brought out the little reds, but for shorter lengths of time. Mostly just ‘photo shoots.’



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