Not the Red I want to see

Yesterday was a busy day in our house.  Our new Rhode Island Red chicks arrived at the post office, Little Dude was sick so he stayed home, and I made a run to the pharmacy for a refill on his allergy meds.  

In between time, we all made sever trips to the barn to check in on how the babies were settling into their new home.  While there, we all checked in with the Golds, so they didn’t feel left out any.  

DH came home from work.  He ate dinner, we went for a walk around the fields on our hill, and then went down with My Girl to see the new babies.  

DH stopped in to check on the Golds, too, because it’s been a couple of days since he saw them (work sucks).  

After his initial “wow, they’ve gotten big” he asks me to come in the coop. 

One of the boys is bleedy, he says, which brought all of us (me, My Girl and a very worried Little Dude) into the coop.  

Sure enough, one of my Rowdy Boys has a bright red blood splotch on his chest (slightly to the side, not center).  We catch him up, which was not easy because he did not want picked up and did a thorough check of his body.  

No wounds anywhere.   Only some blood on one of his talons.  

Which lead to a search of the others and coop.  More of nothing. 

We concluded that maybe he hurt his nail and scratched himself?  

I checked them all again this morning and couldn’t even find the chick with bloody feathers because he apparently groomed himself? 

Coop is secure and none of the chicks were acting hurt or sickly.  

I am honestly baffled by this point.  

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