Peep peep peep

Our brand new chicks.
Our brand new chicks.

These are our new little guys, enjoying their new home.  At least, I think they are enjoying it.  They’ve been happy to see me every morning and every evening.  They didn’t freak out too much when I cleaned up after them, either.

I’ve been taking the time to stay and talk to them, hopefully to acclimate them to my voice and my smell/feel.  I’m hoping they will grow up knowing they can trust me.  Little Dude comes with me, and he talks to them, too.

It’s fun watching them.  We’ve had them since Saturday and I think I’m starting to where some of them are showing signs of personality.  There’s one little yellow guy who likes to stretch his neck up like he’s looking over everything and strut around like he’s the boss.  There’s a brownish one who likes to try and fly with his little feathered wings.   And then there’s the ones who run around the box like they are having a race.  It’s very exciting to see them grow!

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