Getting Ready

My husband and I have always planned on coming back to our hometown when he retired from the Navy and buying my parents’ farm.  Talked about it, planned on it, and yes, when he finally retired, we came home to the farm.

Except that it really isn’t much of a farm anymore because my parents sold off the cows years ago, when strenuous farm labor became too hard for both of them all along.  They rented it out for a while, but it’s stood vacant for some time and used mostly for storage.

Since we’ve been back, my husband and I (mostly him) have put in a lot of hard work getting ready for chickens, as well as talk about raising some beef calves to sell.  We haven’t gotten to that part in the game yet, as there are fences to build before cattle can come in.  But the chicken coop came along pretty well as planned.

My father had raised pheasants one winter, releasing them into the wild in the fall.  The coop and starter box, feeders and heat lamps he used where still there.  DH cleaned them up, and tore the old pheasant house down, and then rebuilt it to accommodate chickens.





This is a progress so far.  When our chicks are ready to leave their box & heat lamp, DH will have a door cut into the wall and a ramp, so they can go outside and stretch their wings.

Right now, we’re in the process of debating ‘free range’ versus building them a penned in run.  I don’t want them to get hit in the road running past our farm, but I also don’t want them to get bored and mean because their run is too small. I also don’t feel like having a daily Easter Egg Hunt once the hens start laying.

What do you think, readers, if you are here reading with me?  Free ranger or a run?

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